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Bridging the Gap: An Introduction with Tiffany Roth

Join Tiffany Roth as she bridges the gap between golf and corporate life in her new series. Drawing from her experiences as a Division I scholar-athlete, Tiffany explores insightful networking strategies and parallels between golf and corporate dynamics, empowering women to navigate their professional journey with resilience and authenticity. Follow along for a unique perspective on the intersection of golf, corporate culture, and professional development.
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I’m thrilled to extend a warm welcome as I introduce the inaugural post of Bridging the Gap, a corporate golf series. This thread serves as the commencement of a journey where I aim to explore various topics ranging from insightful networking strategies to drawing parallels between the game of golf and intricacies of corporate dynamics, in addition to the invaluable lessons I’ve learned as a woman navigating the ever-evolving corporate landscape.

That being said, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany Roth, a Manager in KPMG's Advisory practice, specializing in Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk. I am also a graduate from Texas Christian University's Neely School of Business, where I earned my BBA in Entrepreneurial Management. During my time at TCU, I competed as a Division I scholar-athlete on the Women's Golf Team.

Transitioning from a collegiate golfer into the corporate environment has given me the opportunity to share a wealth of experience and wisdom I often sought from my network at the time. I am truly eager to bridge the gap and unravel the nuances of corporate life through the lens of golf, a sport that not only embodies strategy and skill but also serves as a symbol for the challenges and triumphs we encounter in our professional (and personal) lives.

The decision to start this series around golf stems from its multifaceted nature, and often times hearing women exclude themselves from the conversation. Beyond its recreational aspect, golf serves as a channel for fostering meaningful connections both internally in one’s community and externally in the event new relationships are formed.

In essence, Bridging the Gap is more than just a collection of blog posts; but rather a platform for dialogue, learning, and growth. Through this platform, I aspire to foster a narrative that empowers women to navigate their journey with resilience and authenticity. I invite you to join me and follow along the journey as we explore the intersection of golf, corporate culture, and professional development.


Tiffany Roth

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