What Makes the Best Golf Clothing for Women?

What Makes the Best Golf Clothing for Women?

The best golf clothing for women should be stretch fabric, moisture-wicking, stain- and water-resistant, but also elegant and comfortable to flex with your day. A. PUTNAM provides excellent options for women.
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Details Make a Difference

As an avid golfer, I am only too aware of the discomfort I’ve felt on the green when it comes to ill-fitting clothes, and what I need when I consider the best golf clothing for women.

A Lack of Focus on Women's Golf Clothing in the Market

Whether it’s the stretch and pull when kneeling to tee up the ball, the lack of pockets for holding tees and balls, or a shirtsleeve that won’t stay in place or gets in the way of a perfect swing, rarely has a brand focused on the distinct needs of women. 
Additionally, the styles on offer in the current market are often overly colorful or feature large prints, lacking in the minimalist, easy to wear style that I prefer off the green. I wanted styles that were just at home on the course as they are at my home club, or weekend out with friends and family. Effortless style, attention to details, and exceptional comfort and fit. 

A. PUTNAM Fills the Gap 

I founded A. PUTNAM to provide women with a flexible, comfortable, performance clothing option that is also elegant and luxury – from resort to sport.
A. PUTNAM represents all of the things that I look for in a brand. It’s a concept that has long been in the making, carefully conceived by and for women. It’s a brand that celebrates fit and function as much as it is about the fine details, that provide comfort and style on and off the green. 
Sincerely, Ali Putnam