Water and Stain Resistant Clothing in the A. PUTNAM Collections

Water and Stain Resistant Clothing in the A. PUTNAM Collections

Water and stain resistant clothing was an important consideration for A. PUTNAM pieces to ensure women could seamlessly move from resort to sport.
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Empowering a Seamless Transition from Resort to Sport

The A. PUTNAM brand is doing something truly unique for women’s sport and luxury clothing – we’re making it easier than ever to transition from activity to activity in your busy life while also feeling like your outfit is right there with you. Water and stain resistant clothing was a must for our collections as we know it can sometimes feel impossible to keep your clothing out of the crosshairs of children, meals, and life in general. We’ve all been there!

That’s why it was a priority to provide women with items that can be easily cleaned and will remain resort-ready no matter where you’re coming from.

How Do We Do It?

Our water and stain resistant pieces feature Teflon EcoEliteTM, a revolutionary fabric finish that offers numerous sustainability benefits in addition to its ability to repel everyday hazards.

Teflon EcoElite is a plant-based, responsibly sourced, and fluorine-free fabric finish produced using non-GMO renewable resources. Clothing treated with Teflon EcoElite requires 25% less drying time and wash well in cold water.

It has become a popular finish for performance wear, and is used by many popular brands to satisfy customer demands for more sustainable products that maintain a high level of performance capability.

Here are some of the unique benefits of using Teflon EcoElite finish on A. PUTNAM pieces:

  • Durable and Water Repellant.
    Teflon EcoElite fabric has a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatment that repels water and keeps you dry. This function is particularly useful on rainy days or in any wet weather condition, and for the A. PUTNAM collections, allows you to be prepared for anything as you travel or just move about your day. Traditional DWR treatments contain fluorocarbons, which are harmful to the environment, but Teflon EcoElite is a fluorine-free, planet-friendly option.

  • Stain Resistance.
    Clothing treated with Teflon EcoElite is easy to clean and maintain. The fabric is treated with a hydrophobic finish that repels water and oil-based stains, so you can wear our pieces confidently throughout your day and from meal to meal.

  • Long Lasting.
    Even after multiple washes, the Teflon EcoElite finish will not wear off or become less effective. Your clothing remains just as elegant and functional as it was the day you got it.

  • Breathable.
    Don’t be fooled by its water and stain resistant properties. Teflon EcoElite fabric is still highly breathable, so you continue to feel comfortable even in varying weather conditions and during different activities. Breathability is a must for performance wear, and we value the ability to provide women with active pieces that transition to the resort without wetness or discomfort being a factor.

You can find a Teflon EcoElite finish on our Travel Blazer, making it a perfect piece for transitioning from your trip to your destination. We guarantee you don’t have a blazer that performs like this one, and with stretch fabric and moisture wicking, you’ll never want to take it off.

Teflon EcoElite is a truly innovative and eco-friendly fabric finish that we’ve embraced at A. PUTNAM as an excellent enhancement for our pieces. Its features allow us to create styles that function as activewear, outerwear, and everyday wear, all in one.

And its long-lasting qualities mean you get exceptional value when you purchase our resort to sport pieces. We hope you enjoy our water and stain resistant clothing as much as we do!

Ali Putnam