What is a Travel Blazer?

What is a Travel Blazer?

A. PUTNAM is all about combining comfort and style, and both are essential for travel, which is what makes the travel blazer such an excellent piece.

The Benefits of a Travel Blazer for More Than Just Travel

What is a travel blazer – and why is it an essential wardrobe piece you simply need to have?

When I launched A. PUTNAM, the travel blazer was a staple item in our collection for many reasons. I travel a lot, and I always appreciate comfort during a long flight or car ride, as well as style to ensure I’m ready to jump into an event, meeting, or golf game once at my destination.

A. PUTNAM is all about combining comfort and style, and both are essential for travel, which is what makes the travel blazer such an excellent piece.

Travel Blazer

What is a Travel Blazer?

A travel blazer is at once versatile and elegant, combining the timeless look of the classic blazer with practical, travel-friendly features. I’m going to talk about the A. PUTNAM travel blazer, since it was designed to fit the exact needs of a busy woman seeking comfort, style, and functionality for any trip.

Some of the key features that make a travel blazer so versatile are its lightweight material, ample pockets, adjustable sleeve lengths, stretch fabric that moves easily with you, water- and stain-resistant properties, and sleek, flattering look. All of these features combine to offer a truly functional piece that can transition from casual to formal with minimal effort, and even if you’re just covering up in a chilly room or airplane cabin, a travel blazer adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

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The Importance of Travel-Friendly Materials

Ground or air travel can be uncomfortable, tedious, and exhausting, and the last thing you want to worry about is your clothing. That’s why a travel blazer’s lightweight, breathable material, which helps regulate body temperature and prevent overheating, makes it the perfect transition piece to take you from a warm climate to a cold one (or vice versa), and handle any changes in temperature during your trip that can leave you feeling freezing cold or too warm.

Plus, when you’re not wearing the travel blazer, it’s lightweight enough to fit nicely into your luggage, so you can avoid adding excessive weight to your suitcase or taking up a lot of precious space. The fabric also holds up well, so you won’t have to worry about taking extra time to iron your travel blazer once you reach your destination.

The A. PUTNAM travel blazer also is made with flexible, stretch fabric, so you have the ultimate freedom of movement. Even when worn over a t-shirt or button-up, the travel blazer offers all the benefits of a jacket but with movement and style. Plus, it’s fully tailored so it always looks polished, and the sleeves are also lined with the lightweight stretch fabric for easy on and off without adding bulk or warmth.

Finally, my travel blazer’s water- and stain-resistant fabric is a great bonus feature both for travel and everyday wear. Nothing spoils a good time more than a spill on your shirt – and no one wants to have to spot-wash a stain in the middle of a flight or during dinner out with friends.

Liquid spills simply roll right off the A. PUTNAM travel blazer, and other spills can be easily wiped up like they were never even there. If you are traveling with children, the water-and stain-resistant feature is especially handy.

Teflon Ecolite feature

With all of these incredible features, the travel blazer’s overall best benefit is its durability. Traveling is hard on clothing, but your travel blazer will remain in great condition from trip to trip with no risks of wear, tear, or fading. You can always rely on your travel blazer to take you seamlessly from the airport to the course, or to your business meeting and dinner in style and with no issues.

A Wardrobe Piece That Can Do It All

Whether you're attending a business event, exploring tourist attractions, visiting with friends, or on a romantic getaway, a travel blazer is a perfect piece to have with you. Dress it up with slacks and a button-down shirt, or dress it down with your favorite jeans and a t-shirt.

After a more formal or professional event like a conference or work meeting, you can unbutton the front and roll up the sleeves and be ready for a more casual outing. In any instance, you’ll always look and feel polished and ready to go.

Plus, a travel blazer features ample pockets, which makes it so easy to quickly grab your things and go. For an added bonus, the A. PUTNAM travel blazer also offers a magnetic ball marker on the front pocket for easy access during your golf game.

Despite the name, a travel blazer is a staple piece for any occasion. Throw it on in the morning for work, and take it with you for that post-work cocktail. The best thing about a travel blazer is its ability to adapt seamlessly to different environments.

Level up your next trip, or simply add this must-have piece to your wardrobe to enhance your day-to-day. The bottom line is that you cannot go wrong with a travel blazer– especially for travel.

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