Women in Golf: Gabriela Gonzalez

Women in Golf: Gabriela Gonzalez

Golf, hobbies, and more with Gabriela Gonzalez 

Gabriela Gonzalez @gabulous_gabs shares her inspiring story of discovering a passion for golf with her family during Covid, finding her way after a competitive college tennis career as a young professional in Chicago while balancing a demanding job, hobbies, and mental health.

Gabriela posts some of the most educational, relatable golf content and is a must follow for any woman wanting to feel comfortable around the game.

We had the pleasure of coming along for the ride with her to the BMW Championship in Chicago and we look forward to working with her again soon. She’s a light in the golf world and we can’t wait to see where her journey goes from here.

Listen in on YouTube to learn more about Gabriela and her journey. #WomeninGolf 

Connect with Gabriela on Instagram and TikTok at @gabulous_gabs