Nordic Neutrals: A.PUTNAM’S Fall Collection Embraces Simplicity And Versatility

Nordic Neutrals: A.PUTNAM’S Fall Collection Embraces Simplicity And Versatility

The highly anticipated Nordic Neutrals collection from A. PUTNAM has landed.
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The highly anticipated Nordic Neutrals collection from A. PUTNAM has landed.

Colorado Springs, CO (September 18, 2023) In the world of golf fashion, versatility and timeless style have become essential elements for today’s golfers. A. PUTNAM, a luxury resort-to-sport lifestyle and golf brand for women, has taken these principles to heart with their latest fall collection – Nordic Neutrals.

In their fall 2023 collection, A. PUTNAM has artfully captured the essence of Scandinavian landscapes. Nordic Neutrals introduces a subtle yet captivating blend of cool blues, earthy tones, and soft grays, echoing the tranquility of this serene region. This collection features 8 key pieces that are designed to transcend seasons, effortlessly taking you from Resort to Sport.


Collection Highlights: Where Fashion Meets Function

Reversible Vest:
A. PUTNAM’s Reversible Vest takes center stage in the Nordic Neutrals collection, redefining what it means to stay warm on the golf course without sacrificing your swing. Meticulously crafted, this vest offers two distinct yet complementary sides. Its quilted design not only ensures warmth but also adds a touch of style. What sets it apart is its reversible feature, allowing wearers to choose their mood for the day.

Keyhole Tops:
The Sleeveless Keyhole Top and Long Sleeve Keyhole Top are the perfect companions for golfers navigating the changing seasons. The Sleeveless Keyhole Top, with its chic and airy design, is ideal for warmer fall days. Its keyhole neckline adds an elegant touch, making it suitable for both golf and casual outings. As temperatures drop, seamlessly transition with the Long Sleeve Keyhole Top, a sophisticated piece that effortlessly adapts to different occasions. Paired with the Tulip Pant, it’s an ensemble ready to take on any day with effortless style.

Wrap Dress:
A classic wrap dress, reimagined for fall. Made with a stretch twill fabric that moves with every swing, this dress features a stylish crossover bowtie at the waist, a delicate neckline, and a flattering mid-thigh length. For the fall collection, A. PUTNAM has added a subtle geo print in soft cream, making it an exceptionally versatile addition to your wardrobe. From resort getaways to golf outings, this dress effortlessly transitions, reflecting A.Putnam’s commitment to timeless sophistication.

Classic Button-Up:
Elevate your fall wardrobe with A. PUTNAM’s classic button-up shirt, now available in a captivating new colorway. This wardrobe essential is designed for both style and comfort, featuring easy-stretch fabric that moves with your every move. What makes it stand out are the innovative cuffed knit sleeves, allowing you to shift effortlessly from an elegant long-sleeved look to a relaxed three-quarter sleeve. This freedom of choice ensures you can focus on what truly matters – your golf game.

A.PUTNAM: Minimalism, maximzed. On and off the course.

As Ali Putnam, founder of A. PUTNM, aptly puts it, “This collection mirrors the simplicity and elegance that define the A. PUTNAM brand. It’s about embracing timeless pieces that take you from resort-to-sport while transcending seasons.” In embracing the essence of minimalism and versatility, the Nordic Neutrals collection signifies a celebration of simplicity and elegance. These thoughtfully designed pieces allow you to seamlessly transition from Resort to Sport with timeless sophistication and ease.

The Nordic Neutrals collection will is available for purchase on For women seeking golf apparel that effortlessly combines style, function, and versatility, A. PUTNAM’s Nordic Neutrals collection is sure to be a game-changer.

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